PRIME-300 pellet mill head / Working part of the PRIME-300 pellet mill

PRIME-300 pellet mill head / Working part of the PRIME-300 pellet mill

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The Prime 300 working part with moving rollers is a modern device for the production of pellets from wood, biomass or other materials.

The working part consists of a matrix with a total diameter of 300 mm and movable rollers, which are key elements of the pellet production

process. The rollers help move the raw material through the matrix, ensuring even compression and formation of pellets.

The 300 mm diameter matrix is carefully made of high quality materials to ensure strength and durability. The matrix is used for pressing

and processing raw materials into cylindrical granules of the same shape and size.

The device provides a production capacity of up to 350 kg of pellets per hour, making it an ideal solution for companies producing pellets on

a large scale.

The recommended electric motor power for this working part is 22 kW. 

The recommended roller rotation speed per minute is 84 rpm. This is the optimal rotation speed to ensure efficient and precise 

processing of raw materials, while ensuring high quality pellets.

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