Granulator / Pellet mill GMK-260

Granulator / Pellet mill GMK-260

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Main characteristics All specifications
Length: 900.0(mm)
Width: 550.0(mm)
Height: 1250.0(mm)
Weight: 220.0(kg)
Recommended engine power: 15 KM

The company "TechnoMaszBud" produces pellet machines / granulators for fodder and pellets. One of the best granulators in the series is the GMK-260 granulator.
Pelletizer / Granulator for fodder and pellets MGK-260 - is a device used for granulating fodder for animals and fish, as well as for the production of pellets from sawdust of coniferous wood, straw and hay. The raw material for the production of granulated feed can be ready-mixed feed, as well as separately ground grains, sunflower husk, millet processing waste, cake, ground hay, combined with compound feed, etc.

Pellets on the MGK-260 granulator / pellet mill can be produced from coniferous sawdust, shredded straw, hay and chaff. They are perfect for fine coal boilers.
The raw material must be evenly moistened up to 15%.

Pellet mill / Granulator for fodder, pellets MGK-260 is equipped with a matrix with a diameter of 260 mm, it has holes with the following diameters to choose from: 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm. The die can be easily removed and installed, so you can order one or more dies for the production of various granules, pellets, and for various animal feed. All you need to do is install the appropriate matrix.

Granulation of feed for quail, small chicken, fish is carried out using a matrix with holes 2 mm, granulated feed for broilers and chickens - 3 mm, granulated feed for rabbits - 4 mm, granulated feed for turkeys - 5 mm, granulated feed for pigs, large cattle, pellets - 6 mm - 8 mm.

Power 11 kw, 380 v
900 mm long, 700 mm wide, 1500 mm high
Weight: 250 kg
Capacity up to 300 kg / h
1 year warranty

Key features
Recommended engine power
15 KM
Type of drive
Belt drive
For production of granular nutriment and pellets
Ø matrix holes
2-8 mm (optional)
Product type
Granulator / Pellet Mill
Type of drive
by PTO (Power take-off shaft)
Production capacity
up to 300 kg/h feed; up to 100.0 kg/h straw pellet
The diameter of the die
259 mm
Additional features
12 months
The number of rolls
2 pcs.
The number of knives
1 pcs.

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