Screw press GS-1000 | 18.5 kW

Screw press GS-1000 | 18.5 kW

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Main characteristics All specifications
Length: 203.0(cm)
Width: 127.0(cm)
Height: 85.0(cm)
Weight: 625 kg
Pressing force: do 12 ton

Our company produces screw presses of various power and efficiency. Depending on the type of raw material, size and power of the device, the capacity can reach 1 ton of finished product per hour.

The screw press is the main component of the fuel briquette production line and is therefore currently in great demand in various industries and the agricultural sector. And especially if this equipment meets world quality standards. It should be noted that with this type of presses, it is possible to briquette almost all fine and loose materials, if binding additives are used to prepare the raw material mixture, which, after drying and cooling the resulting briquette, determine its quality, strength and resistance to external influences.

But there is quite a long list of materials and substances that are briquetted in the GS-1000 Screw Press without any additives. Such materials contain substances that are released from the material itself and become plastic in the process of high compression and under the influence of high temperature. They act as a natural glue that connects the raw material particles during briquette formation. Strong squeezing and high temperature are achieved thanks to the work of the screw while feeding the raw material into the conical chamber, where the compaction takes place, and then extruding the briquetted mass through the forming die.

In the case of such materials, the main requirement for obtaining high-quality briquette products is fine dispersion, which is a natural property of the raw material or is achieved by grinding and crushing on appropriate equipment. It is enough to thoroughly mix such a fine raw material with water until a homogeneous plastic mass is obtained, and the briquetting mixture is ready. By means of GS presses without the use of binding additives, the producer obtains high-quality briquette products from such materials as B, D, G, K coal, peat, hydrolysed lignin, sapropel, animal manure, bird droppings, chalk, lime.

The nozzles for the GS-1000 Screw Press are interchangeable:

  1. round, 5 holes 28 mm
  2. square hole 52x52 mm

The GS-1000 screw press can press such materials without the use of adhesives:

  • coal dust
  • coal sludge
  • peat
  • lignin
  • calcium
  • chalk
  • bird droppings
  • animal manure

Thanks to the binding additives, the press briquettes all loose materials, such as charcoal dust, technical coal, ferromargan, ore particles, etc.

625 kg
Key features
Pressing force
do 12 ton
The diameter of the screw
185 mm
The pressing pressure
200 kg / cm
The thickness of the spiral
12 mm
Do produkcji granulatu, brykietu z pyłu węglowego, węglu drzewnego, ligniny
Product type
Prasa ślimakowa, Brykieciarka ślimakowa, Granulator ślimakowy
Type of drive
Production capacity
do 1000 kg/h
Engine power
18.5 kW
Additional features
12 miesięcy

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