Roller press PW-290 | 5,5 kW

Roller press PW-290 | 5,5 kW

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Main characteristics All specifications
Length: 203.0(cm)
Width: 210.0(cm)
Height: 170.0(cm)
Weight: 825 kg
Diameter of the roller: 290 mm

The pulverized coal press for coal dust briquetting is a high-speed automatic continuous vertical machine that is used to process the pulverized coal by pressing it into briquettes, which increases the energy value, facilitates transport and leads to no production waste.

The cone-shaped metal hopper is used for backfilling primary raw materials, from where the material goes to the working chamber.

Two rollers, driven by an electric motor, are installed in the working chamber. Their rotation is evenly relative to each other, each torque is assigned to the belt drive. On each of the rollers there is a mold in the form of many dented molds for producing dust. The form of one cylinder during rotation falls into a similar form in the other cylinder, pressing it under high pressure, creating a kind of round cushion. At the outlet, a mobile belt conveyor is installed, which receives the briquettes discharged from the working chamber and transports them to a container. The equipment is controlled via the control panel.

In addition, the roller press for the production of coal dust briquettes can be equipped with a belt conveyor for feeding the raw material to the tank

825 kg
Key features
Diameter of the roller
290 mm
Shaft rotation speed
27 ob./min.
Do produkcji brykietu z pyłu węglowego
Width of the roller
200 mm
Product type
Prasa walcowa, Brykieciarka, Prasa rolkowa
Type of drive
Production capacity
do 1000 kg/h
Engine power
5,5 kW
Additional features
12 miesięcy

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