Mechanical briquette press BT-350 | 20 kW

Mechanical briquette press BT-350 | 20 kW

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Length: 2150.0(mm)
Width: 1050.0(mm)
Height: 1750.0(mm)
Weight: 1500 kg
Usage: Do produkcji brykietu

The mechanical-piston press BT-350 is used as professional equipment in technological lines with a capacity of over 200 kg / h. Reliable construction of the briquetting press (crank mechanism) ensures stable release of high-quality products with low energy consumption. A mechanical-piston briquette press creates a briquette according to the principle of impact extrusion

Advantages of working on a mechanical-impact briquetting press:

- The capacity is 250-350 kg / h and depends on the required briquette density;

- Maximum briquette density - 1.4 kg / cm2;

- Briquette size d = 50 mm, L = 20-300 mm;

- Raw material moisture up to 12%;

- Raw material particle size from 2 to 25 mm, raw material type: sawdust, sunflower husk, straw, etc;

- Energy consumption 15 kw / h;

- No oxide smoke during operation;

- No heaters;

- Replacement of individual consumables - after producing not less than approx. 20,000 kg of briquette;

- One operator can handle 2-3 briquetting presses simultaneously;

- Equipped with a cooling line (min 3 meters), tank, control cabinet;

The waste briquetting technology has been developed for recycling waste obtained in the process of wood processing, processing of cereals, flax, etc.

Briquetting - the process of pressing finely ground waste under high pressure without the use of binding agents. The moisture of the pressed material should not exceed 12%, and the particle size from 2 to 10 mm. (up to 25mm on the straw) lignin is released from the raw materials by means of high pressure and heat, which acts as an astringent and keeps the briquette in a dense state.

The briquetting technology is used in the processing of wood waste into high-calorific, environmentally friendly fuel. Recycling of waste into briquettes solves the problem of storing combustible waste that arises during the work of carpentry workshops, sawmills, krupówki, oil mills.

Due to its high functional properties, the fuel material obtained as a result of briquetting is widely used both in individual farms and in industrial heating systems.

in terms of calorific value, fuel briquette is similar to coal, and the ash content is several dozen times lower, moreover, sulfur emission during briquette combustion is practically absent, which makes it an environmentally friendly fuel.

Fuel briquettes are widely used and can be used for all types of furnaces, domestic and industrial boilers, they burn perfectly in fireplaces, stoves, grills, etc. The great advantage of briquettes is the constant temperature during combustion for 1.5-2 hours.

Mechanical-piston briquetting machine BT-350 - the optimal ratio of performance to energy consumption, competitive costs, profitable investment!

1500 kg
Key features
Do produkcji brykietu
Product type
Type of drive
Production capacity
do 350 kg/h
Power consumption
ok. 15 kw/h
Additional features
Mixer motor power
20 Kw
12 miesięcy

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