Grain Extruder EGK-60

Grain Extruder EGK-60

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Main characteristics All specifications
Length: 850.0(mm)
Width: 720.0(mm)
Height: 830.0(mm)
Weight: 90.0(kg)
Usage: For extrusion of feed

The EGK-60 grain extruder from the manufacturer TechnoMaszBud is designed to improve the quality of fodder, obtain high-quality forage aimed at significantly improving animal growth and increasing the amount of milk produced.

The extruder will transform the grain into a foamed mass in the form of small sticks or flakes. Anti-nutrients in legumes are deactivated. Under the influence of high temperatures, feed disinfection takes place, killing harmful microflora, fungi and pathogenic bacteria, to which young animals and chicks are particularly sensitive.

In addition, under pressure and the influence of high temperature, the starch components that are heavy for the digestive system are split into more light and simple carbohydrates and sugars. Vitamins and all other nutrients are preserved as the temperature effects are short-lived, occurring in a split second. As a result, the animals do not lose energy to digest feed, and use all their energy and strength to increase body weight and the amount of milk produced. The digestibility of food by animal organisms is 90%.

The finished product is perfect for transport and storage, because it does not delaminate and does not crumble.

The working part of the feed extruder consists of two chambers - the raw material is ground in the loading chamber, and the pressing raw material is heat treated to 160-180 degrees under high pressure. Then, the raw material passing through the feed extruder holes will explode, receiving a water hammer due to the sharp pressure drop. As a result, the grain foams, increasing several times in size. Therefore, to saturate the animals, you need less air sticks than in the regular or pelleted form.

Key features
For extrusion of feed
Product type
Type of drive
Production capacity
do 80.0(kg/h)
Engine power
380 V
Rotation speed
1500 (rpm)
Additional features
Hopper capacity
3 L
12 month
Raw materials for processing
Grain (wheat, not containing oil | moisture 15-25 %)
Resulting product
Foam sticks 10 mm in diameter, 10 mm long

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