Calibrator-feeder KPS-400

Calibrator-feeder KPS-400

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Main characteristics All specifications
Length: 2510 mm
Width: 1240 mm
Height: 2260 mm
Weight: 220 kg
Production capacity: Na trocinie -do 700 kg/h; Na paszach - do 1000 kg/h;

Calibrator - KPS-400 screw feeder from the company "Technomaszbud" equipped with a drum screen to filter bark, pieces of wood, branches, large fraction rubbish and easily ensures uninterrupted feeding of raw materials to the pellet mill or other equipment. The volume of the tank is 0.2 m3. The raw material feeding is regulated by means of a frequency converter (not included in the set). The equipment consists of a support tube with a screw inside, a loading hopper with an agitator and a drum screen. Calibrator - The KPS-400 screw feeder can also be part of the LDG-2000 KOMBI, LDG-3000 KOMBI, LDG-4000 KOMBI pellet and fodder production line and is an element of the SA-400 Aerodynamic Dryer.

2510 mm
1240 mm
2260 mm
220 kg
Key features
Production capacity
Na trocinie -do 700 kg/h; Na paszach - do 1000 kg/h;
Engine power
1,5 kW
Rotation speed
56-84 obr./min. bez falownika
Additional features
Hopper capacity
0,2 m³
12 miesięcy

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