Briquette press BIOPRESS PLUS

Briquette press BIOPRESS PLUS


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Main characteristics All specifications
Length: 650.0(cm)
Width: 120.0(cm)
Height: 170.0(cm)
Weight: 650 kg
Heating power: 2 po 2.5 Kw jednofazowe

This line is equipped with an SO extraction system, which extracts smoke while creating the briquette and is used for more comfortable work on the BIOPRESS briquetting press

The briquetting press from the "TechnoMaszBud" company of the Biopress series is designed for the production of fuel briquettes from straw, hay, reeds and rushes. Biomass should be initially ground to 5 cm and have a humidity of 10 to 30%.

Similarly, on the basis of the Biopress briquetting press, you can complete a briquetting line, which will consist of the following elements

- Biomass briquetting machine;

- SO extraction system;

- RD - 500 shredder;

- Table for easy loading of biomass.

One of the important points is that in the briquette making equipment it is possible to adjust the density of the exiting product. Now the briquette can be used not only for heating, but also as a soft substrate.

Principle of operation:

We throw the raw material into the bunker of the briquetting machine. The agitator supplies the raw materials to the auger camera. In the camera, the material is heated and pressed. The resulting briquette is discharged to the outside. Loads installed on the bar stabilizer allow you to adjust the compactness of the briquette. We get cheap, 100% ecological fuel that replaces coal and wood.

List of raw materials that can be used for the production of fuel briquettes:

  • rye straw;
  • wheat straw;
  • barley straw;
  • oat straw;
  • rapeseed straw;
  • corn straw;
  • rice straw;
  • soybean straw;
  • hay - dried herbs;
  • rush

Technical data of the Biopress briquetting press:

  • -Requirements for the raw material -fraction: 1 - 5 cm, humidity: 10-30%;
  • - Briquette diameter 80 mm;
  • -Length of the briquette - any;
  • -Possibility to adjust the density of the briquette;
  • -Capacity * up to 240 kg / h;
  • -Power - 13.87 kw;
  • -Power supply: 380v, 50Hz, 32A connection;
  • -Weight-650 kg.
650 kg
Key features
Heating power
2 po 2.5 Kw jednofazowe
Do produkcji brykietu ze słomy
Product type
Type of drive
Production capacity
do 240 kg/h
Power consumption
do 50 kwh na tonę brykietów
Additional features
Mixer motor power
11 Kw
12 miesięcy

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