Splitter for walnuts GRK-200

Splitter for walnuts GRK-200

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Main characteristics All specifications
Length: 500.0(mm)
Width: 450.0(mm)
Height: 1100.0(mm)
Weight: 60 (kg)
Type of drive: Electrical motor

We have developed and produced series Nutcracker GRK-50. This is a unique equipment for processing of walnuts and hazelnuts. This Nutcracker can also be used by those who are engaged in the business of processing the nuts, and those who need to crack the walnuts growing in the garden.

The Nutcracker GRK-50 is small size, works gently and does not need any special facilities. It may work at any place that is convenient for you.

This machine for cracking nuts does a split of a walnut shells by clamping a nut between the shaft and the wall of the machine. The shaft is rotating due to the usage of a regular drill or screwdriver.

The output of the butterfly is up to 80%. Capacity is up to 50 kg per hour.

1 year warranty and post-warranty service.

Parameters: Length 260 mm, Height 320 mm, 340 mm. Shirina

Weight: 6 kg

60 (kg)
Key features
Type of drive
Electrical motor
Production capacity
up to 200.0(kg/h)
The output of the butterfly
up to 70%
Engine power
1,1 кWt
230 V
Additional features
12 month

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