Granulator / Pellet mill GMK-150

Granulator / Pellet mill GMK-150

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Main characteristics All specifications
Length: 900.0(mm)
Width: 700.0(mm)
Height: 1400.0(mm)
Weight: 150.0(kg)
The diameter of radial holes in the die: from 2 to 8 mm (optional)
We offer a feed granulator and pellet GMK-150 with which you can granulate feed, crushed grain, grain processing waste, millet, corn, sunflower seeds / husk, straw, hay.

Having a feed granulator, you can prepare granular feed for rabbits, broilers, chickens, pigs, large cattle, horses, quails, etc. keep livestock and bird breeding and thus increase profits accordingly.
Granulated food is also ideal for feeding fish. The granules remain on the surface of the water for a long time, allowing the fish to eat virtually all their food. For this reason, pellets are consumed less than other types of food.

Depending on the needs, using a granulator, granules from 2 to 8 mm can be produced, by ordering an appropriate matrix made of high-quality stainless steel (with a diameter of holes from 2 to 8 mm, respectively).
The GMK-150 also enables the production of fuel pellets from hay, straw and sunflower husk.
Additionally, a matrix can be ordered for the production of larger or smaller pellets, which is useful if your farm has grown or you have multiple animal species and need pellets of different sizes.

For example for broilers:
It is easier to pelletize a high-concentrated feed, chickens generally eat more and thus gain weight faster. In general, it could be assumed that the higher concentration and balance of nutrients, their better utilization and obtaining higher gains in broiler body weight speak for feeding high-quality pelleted feed in the second period of broiler fattening.

Length: 900.0 (mm)
Width: 700.0 (mm)
Height: 1400.0 (mm)
Weight: 150.0 (kg)

Diameter of transverse holes in the die: from 2 to 8 mm (optional)
Application: For the production of granulated feed and pellets
Type of commodity: Granulator / Pellet Machine
Drive type: Electric
Capacity: up to 100.0 (kg / g) - feed / up to 50.0 (kg / g) - pellets
Engine power: 4 (kw)
Voltage: 220V / 380V
Rotation speed: 250 revolutions / min
Die diameter: 150 (mm)
Warranty period: 12 months
Number of rolls: 2 (pcs.)
Number of knives: 1 (pcs)
Key features
The diameter of radial holes in the die
from 2 to 8 mm (optional)
For production of granular nutriment and pellets
Product type
Granulator / Pellet Mill
Type of drive
Production capacity
till 100.0(kg/h) - feed / till 40.0(kg/h) - pellets
Engine power
220V / 380V
Rotation speed
250 obrotów / min
The diameter of the die
Additional features
12 month
The number of rolls
The number of knives
Extended bunker

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