Pellet mill / granulator PRIME-200 with PTO drive

Pellet mill / granulator PRIME-200 with PTO drive

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Main characteristics All specifications
Length: 950.0(mm)
Width: 650.0 (mm)
Height: 1150.0(mm)
Weight: 300.0 (kg)
Recommended engine power: > 15 KM

Possibility to do a pelletizing test of your raw material on this pelletizer in our warehouse!

Pellet mill / Granulator for feed PRIME-200 designed for granulating sawdust, hay, straw, herbs and feed and is part of the line LDG-2000 KOMBI, LDG-2000 MAX

The PRIME-200 shaft/power relay (pto) granulator processes not only sawdust from coniferous trees, but also deciduous trees. Because for the production of pellets are used mostly pine sawdust with a high content of a special adhesive substance-lignin, which greatly facilitates granulation. There is practically no lignin in deciduous species, but the PRIME-200 pellet produces high pressure, under the influence of which there are also granulated sawdust of deciduous species.

In addition, prime-200 processes feed for rabbits, chickens, chickens, broilers, pigs, cows, quail.

Pellet making machine, pellet maker PRIME-200 can pellet the following types of raw materials:

- sawdust of conifers;

- sawdust of deciduous trees;

- sunflower husk, straw, hay, grass;

- compound feedingstuffs;

- plastics (polypropylene, bags, foil);


- Compound feed – up to 300 kg / h;

- Sawdust-up to 150 kg / h.

- Straw / hay-up to 120 kg / h.

- Sunflower husk-up to 150 kg / h.

- Grain waste-up to 180 kg / h.

Another advantage of the PRIME-200 granulator is the possibility of granulating animal feed, fuel pellet from hay, straw and grain waste. All you need to do is to have a few extra matrices specially selected for the feed, for the pellet of coniferous and deciduous trees.

We also offer slug feeder PS-200 for liquid feed of raw material. The capacity of the tank is more than 0.2 m3. The feed speed is regulated by the inverter.

Advantages :

- Moving rollers;

- Reliable transmission;

- Ability to pellet sawdust from hard tree species.

- Diameter of the die: 200 mm..

- Approximate consumption of the Matrix: up to 70 tons (after consumption, regeneration is possible)

- Material from which the dies and rollers are made: steel 40 X hardened, 55 HRC

650.0 (mm)
300.0 (kg)
Key features
Recommended engine power
> 15 KM
For production of granular nutriment and pellets
Ø matrix holes
from 2 to 8 mm (optional)
Product type
Granulator / Pellet Mill
Type of drive
PTO drive
Production capacity
till 350.0(kg/h) - feed till 150.0(kg/h) - pellets
Rotation speed
ok. 500 ob/min
The diameter of the die
Additional features
12 month
The number of rolls
The number of knives
Extended bunker

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