Aerodynamic dryer for sawdust SA-400

Aerodynamic dryer for sawdust SA-400

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  • Product Code: Aerodynamická sušička pilin SA-400

Main characteristics All specifications
Length: 960.0(cm)
Width: 306.0(cm)
Height: 360.0(cm)
Weight: 900.0(kg)
Diameter of the connecting pipeline: 210 mm

We offer a modern device - an aerodynamic sawdust dryer SA-400, with which, in combination with a pellet production line, every entrepreneur can start his eco-business producing pellets for boilers, fireplaces and furnaces.


An aerodynamic dryer with a capacity of up to 400 kg / h consists of the following parts:

1. furnace (built with 350 bricks chamotte)

2. calibrator (sifter)

3. pipeline system;

4. anti-dust radiant fan;

5. cyclone;

6. control panel;

Brick for the furnace is not included in the kit!

Also, the dryer can be equipped with pellet burner IGNI-250 as the heating element of the dryer.

Present: digital laser thermometer and grease gun

Technical data of the equipment and properties of the finished product

    The dryer is used for drying such raw materials:

    - sawdust of deciduous, coniferous trees;

    - chips;

    - straw;

    - cereal waste;

    Our equipment allows you to produce fuel pellets, with a weight of 1-1.3 g / cm3, with high combustion and heat results. The aerodynamic sawdust dryer produces environmentally safe products from wood industry waste.

    The sawdust dryer processes raw materials with a fraction of up to 7 mm.

    The sawdust of fresh wood, 40-60% humidity and below, is dried and prepared for pelleting after a single pass through the dryer.

    Parameters of sawdust dryer SA-400:

    - Capacity 400 kg / h.

    - Length 9600 mm. x height 3600 mm. x sz. 3060 mm, Weight: 900 kg.

    - Whole line with dryer: D. 13000 mm. x width 5500 mm. x W 3600 mm, Weight: 1900 kg

    Key features
    Diameter of the connecting pipeline
    210 mm
    Incoming raw material humidity
    up to 60%
    Number of expansion tanks
    3 pc.
    Number of fans
    1 pc
    The output moisture of the raw material
    6 - 12 %
    The source of heating air
    fireclay oven (brickwork of 350 fireclay bricks)
    for drying of a fine fraction of wood waste in a hot air stream
    Product type
    Aerodynamic Dryer for Sawdust
    Production capacity
    till 400 kg / h
    Engine power
    Additional features
    12 month

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