Universal crusher / grinder RD-250

Universal crusher / grinder RD-250

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Main characteristics All specifications
Length: 480.0(mm)
Width: 280.0(mm)
Height: 1230.0(mm)
Weight: 44.0(kg)
Usage: do rozdrabniania słomy, siana i podsuszonej zielonki z traw

The RD-500 straw, hay and grain crusher is an assistant a farmer cannot do without. The device is designed for grinding hay, straw and grinding grain, which can be used for granulating fodder.

What working parts does the RD-250 rotary shredder consist of:

  • funnel for loading raw materials. A conical funnel with a 5mm mesh is installed in the grain
  • 4 kW motor connected to the 220 / 380V network, 3000 rpm
  • two outputs for finished material
On request, the mesh can be changed to a smaller and larger one to change the fraction of the obtained product. The capacity of the grinder is up to 600 kg / h; Straw chopper - 150 kg / h. The ground raw material is well suited for the production of complete, balanced feed for various species of domestic animals and as a raw material for granulation.

Advantages of the new RD-250 shredder / grinder:

  • Compact: does not require a lot of space
  • Economical: does not consume much electricity
  • Only 1 employee is required for work
  • The possibility of changing the modification, setting up a net of a different faction
  • Functionality: chopper for straw, grass + grinding mill

First start and use of the RD-250

The straw chopper / grinder should be installed on a stationary surface, pre-set on a mesh of the appropriate fraction and a container for finished products. Connect to 220 or 380V mains. The first engine start is at idle. Pour / put raw materials into the funnel. Under no circumstances should you push the raw materials with your hands. Throughout the work, the operator is only required to load hay or grain and replace full bags.

Key features
do rozdrabniania słomy, siana i podsuszonej zielonki z traw
Product type
Rozdrabniacz / Śrutownik
Type of drive
Production capacity
Do 500 kg/h - ziarno; Do 150 kg/h - słoma;
Engine power
Rotation speed
3000 obrotów / min
Additional features
12 month

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