Screw compactors

2.2 kW
Compactor for Styrofoam KDM-70

Product code: KDM-70



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Small, compact and handy KDM-70 screw compactor for Styrofoam (EPS).TechnoMaszBud has developed a sm..

22 kW
Styrofoam compactor KDM-360

Product code: KDM-360



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The KDM-360 Styrofoam compactor is the largest machine for compacting Styrofoam and is recommended f..

Screw compactors

Screw compactors are devices used in industry for compacting and compressing various materials. These advanced machines are extremely useful in many industries, including construction, food processing, warehousing and many others. 

Screw compactor-performance and precision in one

The screw compactor is the essence of innovative technology in the field of compaction and compression of various materials. Technomashbud offers a wide selection of these advanced devices that are indispensable in many industries. Whether you are a construction, manufacturing or food industry professional, you will find screw compactors to meet your most demanding needs.

Why Choose A Screw Compactor:

Performance and speed: screw compactors are characterized by exceptional performance and speed of operation. Thanks to their special construction with snails, the materials are effectively compacted and compressed in a short time.

Precision and quality: our screw compactors are designed to maintain the highest quality of compacted materials. Precise settings and process control guarantee excellent results.

Versatility: screw compactors are used in many industries, from recycling to packaging and building materials processing. They are irreplaceable in reducing the indifference of waste in production or storage 

Ergonomics and safety: our screw compactors are designed for operator comfort and safety. Advanced control systems allow easy adjustment of operating parameters.

Sustainability: we care about ecology, which is why we also offer screw compactors that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Find the perfect solution for your needs. No matter what industry you work in, our screw compactors will help you optimize your production processes and save time.