Granulation Line LDG-3000 (DUO) | 48 KW

Granulation Line LDG-3000 (DUO) | 48 KW

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Main characteristics All specifications
Length: 600.0(cm)
Width: 330.0(cm)
Height: 230.0(cm)
Weight: 1900.0(kg)
The diameter of radial holes in the die: from 2 to 8 mm (optional)

The LDG-3000 DUO line is a novelty from TechnoMaszBud. Thanks to demanding customers and our engineers, it was possible to construct a line that is no less unreliable compared to the LDG-3000 Kombi, but has twice the efficiency.

This success is based on the combination of two reliable PRIME-300 granulators into one unit. The PS-200 screw feeders were connected according to the same scheme. Such a line is designed for the production of pellets, granules with dimensions from 2 to 8 mm from various raw materials: sawdust, shavings, wood dust, straw, grain waste, sunflower and others. It is also possible to produce animal feed.

The main advantage of such a connection is that such a line can run continuously during service or in the event of unforeseen breakdowns, because if necessary, service or repair can be performed on one granulator, and the other can continue working during this time.

The LDG-3000 DUO Line set includes:

1. PS-200 DUO screw feeder:

The feeder is designed to collect the raw material and evenly deliver the biomass to the pellet mill. This unit has a smooth control of the feed speed of the raw material by means of a frequency converter. Electricity consumption 1.5 kW.

2. Humidification system:

Used to ensure the appropriate moisture content of the raw material. This system consists of the following components: valve, pump, 200 liter water tank, nozzle. Moisturizing the raw material with the required, measured amount of moisture during granulation is done by connecting the system to the stand above the working part. Electricity consumption 0.37 kW.

3. Reliable PRIME-300 pellet machine:

The universal PRIME-300 granulator processes various types of raw materials with an actual capacity of up to 300 kg / h into sawdust pellets and up to 700 kg / h into feed pellets.

4. Calibrator - cooler for granules / pellets KC-200:

Hot granules flowing out of the granulator go to the drum calibration sieve. While rotating the drum, the pellets are scattered in a thin layer on the surface. At the same time, the air stream generated by the fan passes through the cooling chambers. It cools the granules, reducing their humidity, through the upper side connector, and fine litter and dust goes through the two lower connectors through the cyclone to the bags. Electricity consumption 0.12 kW.

5. Closed SO-2 extraction system:

The closed extraction system draws excess dust and raw materials from the pellet cooling and sorting system and collects them in bags and filters the air from dust with the two top filter bags. The heart of the system is an efficient fan that creates the necessary pressure in the system to extract small particles and dust.

6. Control cabinet (control panel):

The electrical equipment control cabinet includes electrical equipment for remote automatic control of the complex's electrical mechanisms and drives, mounted in the control cabinet. The small dimensions and the built-in cooling system of the automation make the control panel reliable and convenient to install near the production line.

Belt Conveyor and cables for connecting the line are not included in the set!


The actual capacity of the LDG-3000 DUO pellet production line depending on the raw materials:

- wood waste - up to 600 kg / hour;

- straw - up to 500 kg / hour;

- feed - up to 1400 kg / h;

- sunflower husk - up to 500 kg / hour;

For your convenience, we can not only adjust the lines to your needs, but also help with installation, commissioning and achieving good results!

Obtaining the desired efficiency depends very much on meeting the requirements for the processed raw materials.

The granulation line can be used as a separate production unit, and also equipped with additional equipment that will make the production of pellet and granular feed more efficient and automated.

                                      The LDG-3000 DUO pellet production line can be additionally equipped with the following equipment:

PK-2 conveyor-calibrator: the main task is to feed and calibrate raw materials;

Belt conveyor PT-250: the main task is to feed and cool the raw material;

Belt conveyor PT-500: the main task is to feed and cool the raw material;

RD-500 shredder: the main task is to grind the raw materials (straw, hay, wood chips, etc.) to the desired fraction;

Calibrator-feeder KPS-400: the main task is to calibrate the raw material and uniform feeding;

Aerodynamic drying with the SA-600 calibrator: the main task is to calibrate and dry the raw materials.

    Key features
    The diameter of radial holes in the die
    from 2 to 8 mm (optional)
    For production of granular nutriment and pellets
    Product type
    Granulation line / Pellet Mill line
    Type of drive
    Production capacity
    till 1400.0(kg/h) - feed till 600.0(kg/h) - pellets
    Engine power
    48 (kw)
    Power consumption
    48 (kw)
    Rotation speed
    1500 obrotów
    The diameter of the die
    Additional features
    Mixer motor power
    12 month
    The number of rolls
    The number of knives
    Extended bunker

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