Granulation Line LDG-2000 (MAX) | 21 Kw

Granulation Line LDG-2000 (MAX) | 21 Kw

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Main characteristics All specifications
Length: 450.0(cm)
Width: 250.0(cm)
Height: 230.0(cm)
Weight: 1050.0(kg)
The diameter of radial holes in the die: from 2 to 8 mm (optional)
Pellet production line, LDG-3000 (MAX) feed - completely new equipment that will allow you to open your own line for the production of granulated feed. The equipment helps to solve the problem with the processing of waste. In addition, the LDG-3000 (MAX) line has a small size, which allows you to start producing granulated feed mixtures even in a small room (for example in car garages) without renting huge and expensive production areas.

LDG-2000 (MAX) - an automated granulation line that can process the following raw materials:

• grain waste;

• straw, grass, hay, husks;

• feed mixtures;

The device consists of the following functional parts:

1. Feed mixer - feed feeder MP-1000:
This unit is intended for the production, by mixing, of highly concentrated mixtures, milled cereals and other bulk products with a high homogeneity of the mixed components up to 95%. The mixing time of the mixer allows from 3 to 6 working cycles per hour. Power consumption-8.3 kW.
2. Humidification system:
The main elements of the humidification system are: valve, pump, water tank for 200 liters, nozzle. The system is connected to a rack above the workpiece, which allows the required, measured amount of moisture to be added during granulation. Power consumption 0.37 kW.

3. Reliable PRIME-300 pellet machine:
The PRIME-300 granulator can easily handle various types of raw materials with a capacity of up to 300 kg / hour for sawdust pellets and up to 700 kg / hour for feed pellets. Also, different motors will be installed for different types of raw materials, for feed - 30 kW, for pellets - 22 kW.

4. Calibrator - KC-100 granulate / pellet cooler:
This unit acts as an additional cooling of the product as the pellets get hot during pelleting. Also, this device will remove dust and crumbs with a special drum. This node consumes 0.12 kW.

5. Closed extraction system ZUO-315:
This device, with the help of a fan, provides the circulation of air necessary to cool the granules and collect the calibrated remnants of the raw material and dust in a bag in the form of bags that are mounted on it. Power - 1.5 kW.

6. Control panel:
The small dimensions and the built-in cooling system of the automation make the control panel reliable and convenient to install near the production line. The panel includes an ammeter and thermal protection for each motor in the line

The Belt Conveyor is not included in the set!
The cables for connecting the line are not included in the set

The LDG-3000 (MAX) granulation line has been designed in such a way as to minimize energy consumption, which does not affect the power and efficiency of the line itself. This fact also contributes to a quick return on investment.
The PRIME 300 granulator / pellet mill is equipped with movable rollers, which increases its power and the efficiency of the line for the production of granulated feed and pellets. The pellet / feed granulator LDG-3000 (MAX) works with a capacity of up to 1 ton per hour on the feed mixture! Incredible power and endurance allows you to receive products in large quantities

Our line is equipped with a closed dust removal system (cyclone) - which results in a minimum level of dust in the workplace, which ensures comfortable working conditions and workplace equipment in accordance with fire safety standards. In addition, the dust collected by the cyclone in the dust collectors can be re-granulated on the same line. This way you get virtually waste-free production.

Now you don't have to worry about waste disposal in the plant as you produce pellets for fuel boilers or open a feed production line. The production of pellets and granular fodder will always be a profitable venture now. Here is a list of potential consumers:

• heads of state and commercial institutions;
• Owners of farms and poultry farms;
• Managers of timber harvesting companies;
• Heads of agro-industrial enterprises.

Pellet production will provide benefits and new opportunities for the owner:

• savings in storage, transport and disposal of waste;

• production of an easily digestible compound feed;

• production of plastic granules;

• production of granular biomass;

• production of wood pellets;

• production of straw, hay and husks pellets;

The convenience of the LDG-3000 (MAX) is that now you can produce pellets from a variety of raw materials by simply replacing the 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm die. or 8 mm!

    Key features
    The diameter of radial holes in the die
    from 2 to 8 mm (optional)
    For production of granular nutriment
    Product type
    Granular feed production line
    Type of drive
    Production capacity
    till 300.0(kg/h) - feed
    Engine power
    11 (kw)
    Power consumption
    21,2 (kW)
    Rotation speed
    1500 obrotów
    The diameter of the die
    Additional features
    Mixer motor power
    12 month
    The number of rolls
    The number of knives

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