Aerodynamic two-circuit sawdust dryer SA-800

Aerodynamic two-circuit sawdust dryer SA-800

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Main characteristics All specifications
Length: 1050.0(cm)
Width: 400.0(cm)
Height: 360.0(cm)
Weight: 1000.0(kg)
Diameter of the connecting pipeline: 210 mm

We offer complete drying lines for biomass, including sawdust, wood chips, straw, fruit pomace and many other grain waste. Our drying rooms are safe and safe to use. The specially designed structure of the dryer allows to obtain raw materials ready for pelleting with an initial humidity of 60%.

Technical parameters of the SA-800 Aerodynamic Dryer for Sawdust

  • pipeline length - 25m
  • the calibrator bunker can hold 1 m3 of sawdust
  • 3 extensions;
  • fan power - 5.5 kw;
  • capacity - 800 kg / h
  • the "Cyclone" system;

  • initial raw material moisture up to 60%

Principle of operation

The fan installed in the dryer creates a negative pressure. The raw material is delivered to the pipe system by means of a screw conveyor. Then I am sucked in by the flow of air. The particles of raw material with the hot air from the furnace move in the pipes mainly in a vertical direction. The special configuration of the pipes with the designed widenings and narrowing causes that the air flow becomes turbulent, which ensures the maximum level of hot air influence on the raw material, a process necessary for intensive drying.

Equipment specifications and product properties

The aerodynamic dryer SA-800 with a capacity of up to 800 kg / h consists of the following parts: furnace (masonry of 650 fireclay bricks)

2. KPS-600 Calibrator-Feeder

3. pipeline system;

4. 2 centrifugal anti-dust fans;

5. 2 cyclones;

6. control panel;

The brick for the furnace is not included in the set!

Free of charge: laser digital thermometer and grease gun

Processed raw materials:

- scobs;

- wood chips;

- straw;

- fruit pomace and many other grain waste;

Thanks to our product, you can produce fuel pellets with a grammage of 1-1.3 g / cm3, with high calorific value. Aerodynamic sawdust dryer allows to obtain ecologically safe products from the waste of the wood industry for the production of pellets.

The sawdust dryer processes raw materials with a fraction of up to 7 mm. After processing, the dried raw material of the desired moisture is obtained.

A large number of customers and demand for products will allow you to create sales channels in a short time and fully cover the costs of purchasing the equipment.

Commercial and private facilities with a high demand for pellets and fuel briquettes:

- baths, saunas;

- private houses;

- cafes, restaurants;

- enterprises where pellet boilers are installed.

Parameters of SA-600 sawdust dryer:

- Capacity up to 600 kg / h.

- Product obtained: pellets: diameter 2/3/4/5/6/8 mm, length 2 - 30 mm.

- Length 9600 mm. W x H 3600 mm. x Sz. 3060 mm, weight: 1000 kg.

- Entire line with dryer: D.13000 mm. x W. 3500 mm. x W 4000 mm, weight: 2300 kg

- Warranty, manual - included.

Key features
Diameter of the connecting pipeline
210 mm
Incoming raw material humidity
up to 60%
Number of expansion tanks
5 pc.
Number of fans
2 pc
The output moisture of the raw material
6 - 12 %
The source of heating air
wood stove
for drying of a fine fraction of wood waste in a hot air stream
Product type
Aerodynamic Dryer for Sawdust
Production capacity
up to 800 kg / h
Engine power
13,6 (Kw)
Additional features
12 month

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