Granulation Line LDG-4000 (KOMBI)

Granulation Line LDG-4000 (KOMBI)

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Main characteristics All specifications
Length: 400.0(cm)
Width: 330.0(cm)
Height: 230.0(cm)
Weight: 1400.0(kg)
The diameter of radial holes in the die: from 2 to 8 mm (optional)

The line for the production of pellets, granulation LDG-4000 (KOMBI) equipped with the PRIME-400 pellet mill, with special technical parameters, you can read more here.

In the presented pellet production line, we have combined the feeding screw and the mixer into one raw material feeding system to the pellet machine. Additionally, the set includes moisturizing, to moisturize the raw material if you have too dry the raw material. Thanks to this solution, advantages such as practicality, ergonomics and small size have been achieved. Combining the two systems allowed to reduce the costs of electricity consumption.

The device consists of the following functional parts:

1. Enlarged feeder for even feeding of raw material with a screw feeder and a humidification system (0.75 kW);

2. Proven pellet machines for pellets and PRIME-400 granules (37 kW);

3. Extended screening drum, also serves for partial cooling (0.37 kW);

4. Closed exhaust system (1.5 kW);

5. Humidification system (0.12 kW);

6. Control Panel;

The Belt Conveyor is not included in the set

The cables for connecting the lines are not included in the set

The extraction system primarily ensures safe production. It is used to extract dust and small items. Dust in special dust collectors can be reused in production.

Types of lines

1. LDG-4000 KOMBI line | Price 40 Kw - 56 120 PLN:

2. Line LDG-4000 KOMBI 40 Kw + Belt Conveyor PT-500 with fans | Price - PLN 63,817:

3.  LDG-4000 line with a calibrator bunker (equipped with a mesh to filter bark, pieces of wood, branches, garbage) + PT-500 Belt Conveyor with fans | Price - PLN 67 403:

4. Line LDG-4000 KOMBI 40 Kw + Belt Conveyor PT-500 with fans + Shredder RD-500 with a cyclone (table for free) | Price - PLN 74 105:

5. LDG-4000 KOMBI 40 Kw line + PT-500 belt conveyor with fans + RD-500 shredder with cyclone + PT-100 belt calibrator feeder | Price - PLN 79 095:

6. LDG-4000 KOMBI 40 Kw Line + PT-500 Belt Conveyor with fans + SA-600 Aerodynamic Sawdust Dryer | Price - PLN 110,070:

7.LDG-4000 KOMBI 40 Kw Line + PT-500 Belt Conveyor with fans + RD-500 Shredder (free table) + SA-600 Aerodynamic Sawdust Dryer with MAX Feeder + | Price - PLN 121 723ł:

8. Line LDG-4000 KOMBI 40 Kw + Belt Conveyor PT-500 with fans + Shredder RD-500 (table for free) + Feeder-belt calibrator PT-100 + Aerodynamic Dryer for Sawdust SA-600 with Feeder MAX + | Price - PLN 126 713:

What raw material can be used in our LDG-4000 line?

The equipment will easily process sawdust of hard and coniferous species of trees, grain waste, chaff, herbs, hay, seed husk, feed mixtures with grain composition, waste from plastic production.

High power and reliability of the equipment is ensured by the movable rollers installed in the PRIME-400.

Finished products that can be obtained with LDG-4000 (KOMBI):

1. Sawdust pellets, shavings, dust from deciduous and coniferous trees and MDF boards.
2. Biomass pellets (straw, branches, wood chips)
3. Granules from vegetable waste (sunflower husk, buckwheat, other plant species), which are used in energy industries.
3. Organic waste from farms and farms is also used to produce fuel pellets.
4. Production of feed with a specific composition which is absorbed by 90%.
5. Plastic granulate, which is then used in the production of pipes.

Thus, you can solve the problem of waste disposal and more. Completely reduce costs and finally profit from it!

Technical data LDG-4000 (KOMBI)

LDG-4000 (KOMBI) equipped with a PRIME-400 granulator with a capacity of up to 500 kg of product per hour. The motor power is 37 Kw, powered from the mains 380 v

Such a line can be installed even in a small room, which will additionally reduce the costs of renting or maintaining the production hall. In addition, you can order spare parts for the equipment, for example a set of dies with holes for 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm. This makes it possible to produce pellets of various sizes. Our clients can order any part for the LDG-4000 mini line (KOMBI)

Key features
The diameter of radial holes in the die
from 2 to 8 mm (optional)
For production of granular nutriment and pellets
Product type
Granulation line / Pellet Mill line
Type of drive
Production capacity
till 500.0(kg/h) - feed till 500.0(kg/h) - pellets
Engine power
Power consumption
39,74 (kW)
Rotation speed
1500 obrotów
The diameter of the die
Additional features
12 month
The number of rolls
The number of knives
Extended bunker

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