Aerodynamic dryer for sawdust SA-600 PRO

Aerodynamic dryer for sawdust SA-600 PRO

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Main characteristics All specifications
Length: 960.0(cm)
Width: 306.0(cm)
Height: 360.0(cm)
Weight: 1000.0(kg)
Diameter of the connecting pipeline: 210 mm

The TechnoMaszBud company offers the SA-600 PRO Aerodynamic Sawdust Dryer, which, in combination with the LDG line for pellet production, gives you the opportunity to start your business by producing fuel pellets for boilers, fireplaces and stoves. The main difference to the SA-400 and SA-600 Dryers is the completion of the PRO series dryers with the Automatic Pellet Burner. Using such a burner allows you to get many advantages, namely:

  • greater efficiency compared to classic burners thanks to a special design developed by our engineers
  • it has an automatic ignition and combustion assist system
  • dosed feeding of granules (granules) by the screw
  • self-cleaning system from ash
  • monitors the operating modes of the boiler without your participation
  • works on all types of pellets, including low-quality pellets with high ash content
  • user-friendly interface
  • optical fire control
  • daily and weekly thermostat
  • log of pellet consumption and controller operation
  • temperature control sensors of the pellet feeding spigot
  • multitasking

Automatic pellet burners (IGNI-250 and IGNI-350) are also compatible with our SA-400 and SA-600 aerodynamic dryers. To install such a burner, it is enough to replace the door on the existing stove.

Free of charge: laser digital thermometer and grease gun

The process of action. The fan installed in the dryer creates pressure, thanks to which the raw material, smoothly fed by the KPS-600 screw feeder, is sucked in by the air flow from the fan. The raw material particles, together with the hot air from the furnace, fly through the pipes and thus dry. The special design of the pipes with widening and narrowing gives the air flow a turbulent (aerodynamic) character. As a result, the maximum influence of hot air on the raw material takes place, which leads to good drying results of the material.

The set of the SA-600 Pro Aerodynamic Dryer includes:

  1. A fireclay stove made of 700 fireclay bricks.
  2. IGNI-350 pellet burner with a screw and a control panel
  3. Calibrator-Screw Feeder KPS-600, the main task of which is calibration and screening of the raw material by removing bark, pieces of wood, branches, garbage and even feeding of the raw material to the dryer pipelines.
  4. Piping system: in this part of the dryer, the drying of the raw material is carried out as it passes through the pipelines.
  5. Anti-dust centrifugal fan: pulls hot air along with raw material through pipelines.
  6. Used to clean gases from solid particles.
  7. Control panel. Electrical equipment control cabinet includes electrical equipment for remote automatic control of electric mechanisms and drives of the set, installed in the control cabinet.

Fireclay brick for the furnace is not included in the set!

The aerodynamic sawdust dryer allows the production of ecologically safe, high-quality products (fuel pellets) from the waste of the wood industry. Fresh wood sawdust, 40-60% moisture content and below, is dried and prepared for pelleting after passing through the kiln once.

Key features
Diameter of the connecting pipeline
210 mm
Incoming raw material humidity
up to 60%
Number of expansion tanks
3 pc.
Number of fans
1 pc
The output moisture of the raw material
6 - 12 %
The source of heating air
pellet burner
for drying of a fine fraction of wood waste in a hot air stream
Product type
Aerodynamic Dryer for Sawdust
Production capacity
till 600 kg / h
Engine power
5,5 (Kw)
Additional features
12 month

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