Flexible screw conveyor 6m
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  • Flexible screw conveyor 6m

Flexible screw conveyor 6m

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Flexible screw conveyors DUO are designed for transporting grain, pellets and other bulk products over a distance of up to 6 meters and

a height of up to 5 meters.

Advantages of flexible screw conveyor DUO:

- The distance between loading and unloading is 6 meters;

- Compact size. The dimensions of the set do not exceed 1 x 1 m;

- Lightness and mobility. Can be transported in a trailer or in the trunk of a car - one person is enough to install the flexible conveyor. There

is no need to pay extra for the stand/frame (as with the classic metal screw conveyor). High-strength polyurethane hose, resistant to

abrasion and rust.

- Easy to repair. A flexible spiral of the required diameter can be easily purchased and replaced yourself if it is damaged.

- Economy. A flexible screw is cheaper than a regular one. The shipping cost is also much lower.

Technical parameters:

Length: 6/9/12/18/24m
Drive type: Electric with a power of 1.5Kw
Productivity: Up to 9 tons per hour
Pipeline diameter: D127mm (sleeve)

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