Questions / Answers

Here we would like to provide answers to frequently asked questions from our customers:

- What equipment do we manufacture and sell?

Our company produces and sells a wide range of agricultural and industrial equipment, namely: granulators / pellet mills for feed and pellet, pellet production lines, animal feed production machines, weighing machines, nut shellers, straw shredders, hay, belt conveyors, sawdust dryers. We also produce and sell consumables for our equipment. The range of devices is constantly updated with new units.

- Can you buy our equipment without the engine?

We allow buyers to purchase our equipment in any configuration: without engine, working parts, individual components, etc.

- Do we give warranty on our equipment?

As a manufacturer, we provide a full warranty for all our products for a period of 12 months.

- How can you get the equipment we produce?

We supply equipment to the whole of Poland by such transport companies as: DHL, DPD, FedEx, UPC. You can also pick up the equipment in person from our warehouse.

- Does our equipment have quality certificates?

We have a fully certified line of equipment both in domestic and foreign markets. We can easily send our equipment anywhere in the world. To clarify all the details, please contact our managers.

- How can you see our equipment at work?

You can see our equipment at work directly at our warehouse. In addition, on our official YouTube channel we constantly publish videos about our equipment. Our channel-TechnoMaszBud on YouTube

- What can granulate / pellet with our granulators / pellet mills?

Depending on the model and equipment, our granulators can process raw materials such as: compound feed and non-feed, biomass waste, hay, straw, sunflower husk, grain waste, grass, sawdust of soft and hard wood, chalk, waste, plastic, polypropylene, etc.

- What are the main operating parts for the granulator / pelletizer and how often are they replaced?

The main operating parts of the granulator / pelletizer are the die and the rollers. With proper operation / maintenance of the equipment, the service life of the service parts can be up to 80 tons of finished pellets.