Broaching machines (for cutting grooving in materials such as metal)

Horizontal slotting machine DP-12

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Broaching machines (for cutting grooving in materials such as metal)

Broaching machines or horizontal grooving machines are tools and machines used for cutting grooving in materials such as metal.

Broaching is a process that aims to cut grooves with appropriate dimensions and shape in materials. Recesses are used to allow components to be mounted in specific positions, such as shafts, axles, or bearings.

Broaching inlets requires high precision and accuracy, which is why these tools are designed to provide accurate grooving dimensions.

Broaching of inlets is often performed in the Mechanical, Metallurgical, carpentry and many other industries.

In some cases, these tools can be part of automated production lines, which increases the efficiency and repeatability of the process.

In general, Broaching chisels or horizontal dredgers are extremely important tools in the manufacturing industry, allowing you to cut precise grooves in a variety of materials, which is crucial for the assembly and production of many products.