Auger dosers

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Screw Feeder DPS-250

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Screw Feeder DPS-250 by Technomaszbud Sp. z o.o.The DTZ-100 screw feeder by Technomaszbud Sp. z o...

Auger dosers

Screw dispensers are advanced industrial devices used for precise dosing of loose and dusty materials. They are used in many sectors, including the food, chemical, construction and agriculture industries. These dispensers are irreplaceable wherever high dosing precision and automation of the packaging process are required.

Application of screw dispensers

Screw dispensers are widely used in various industries:

Food industry: packaging of flour, sugar, coffee, spices and other loose products.

 Chemical industry: dosing of chemical powders, granulated raw materials, dyes and additives.

 Construction: packaging of building materials such as cement, plaster, chalk and building mixtures.

 Agriculture**: dosing of feed, fertilizers and other agricultural materials.

 Advantages of screw dispensers

Screw dispensers offer a number of benefits that make them a popular choice in the industry:

 Doshng precision: Thanks to advanced technology, screw dispensers ensure accurate dosing of bulk materials, which minimizes raw material losses.

 High efficiency: The ability to quickly dispense large amounts of material allows for efficient production processes.

 Process automation: These devices can operate in automatic or semi-automatic mode, which reduces the need for operator supervision and intervention.

 Durability and reliability: Made of high-quality materials, screw dispensers are corrosion-resistant and ensure a long service life.

 Versatile: Can be used to dispense various types of bulk materials, from fine powders to larger granules.

 Types of Screw Feeders

The offer includes many types of screw dispensers, which differ in technical parameters and applications:

 Sall Tank Dispensers: Perfect for precisely dispensing small quantities of materials.

 Large tank dispensers: Designed to dispense larger amounts of raw materials, used in large production plants.

 Mobile dispensers: Equipped with wheels, which makes it easy to move the device around the production plant.

 Dispensers with an advanced control system**: Enable precise setting of dosing parameters and monitoring of the process.


Screw dispensers are a key element of equipment in many industries, ensuring precise, fast and effective dosing of bulk materials. Thanks to their numerous advantages, such as high efficiency, precision and durability, they are irreplaceable in production processes that require accurate dosing of raw materials.