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MZ-30 - mobile rail unloader

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MZ-30 is a mobile device for unloading HOPPER-type railway wagons. It is equipped with an inclin..


Self-unloading devices for HOPPER-type railway wagons are mobile machines essential for efficient logistics in the transportation industry. They are used for unloading bulk products such as grain, cement, sand, ash, and other materials. They can also be utilized for unloading and transporting grain and its processed products from other containers/transportation means. This unloading method is simple and feasible practically everywhere, without the need for extensive infrastructure. The mobility of these devices allows them to be moved from place to place, making them versatile and adaptable to various working conditions. Adjustable unloading speed and automation options enhance operational efficiency. These devices are primarily used in the cement, mining, food, and other industries where there is a need for rapid and effective unloading of bulk goods. Safety is a priority during the process, and TechnoMaszBud's mobile screw devices are designed with this condition in mind.

Key features of such devices:

  • Mobility: Railway wagon unloading machines can be easily transported from place to place to handle different unloading points and can be adapted to work on different tracks and in various conditions.
  • Screw construction: The devices are equipped with screws that allow the movement of goods from the railway wagon to the appropriate container or conveyor.
  • Adjustable speed: Mobile railway wagon unloading machines can be equipped with inverters, allowing the adjustment of unloading speed, enabling the customization of the process according to the type and quantity of the unloaded product.
  • Efficiency: Thanks to their design and functionality, mobile railway wagon unloading machines can significantly accelerate the unloading process, translating into greater operational efficiency.
  • Application in various industries: Devices of this type find application in the cement, mining, food industries, and places where there is a need for fast and effective unloading of bulk products.
  • Safety: Ensuring safety during the unloading process is a crucial feature of these devices, both for operators and for the cargo itself.