Fuel Pellet

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Pine pellet EU-023/12/678 from TechnoMaszBud is becoming more and more popular in Poland and Europe ..

Fuel Pellet

Pine pellets are a modern, environmentally friendly fuel created by mechanically shaping natural biomass. Pine pellets are solid pellets 5 to 40 mm long and 6 mm in diameter. They are the basic fuel for pellet boilers. Pine pellets are used for both domestic and industrial boilers of any capacity. They have a good price/efficiency ratio and in most cases it is best to buy pine pellets.

Individual heating is always a home advantage. Especially when it comes to a private home, where solid fuel boilers can be used quite easily. This type of heating system allows the autonomy of a single household to be maintained. And the best option is the units in which it is necessary to load not usual firewood, but oak or pine pellets. This equipment is reliable, durable and extremely easy to use. This is the reason why A1 pine pellets are in increasing demand in Poland and Europe.

Here are offered for order wood fuel pellets pine pellets A1 (En-plus). Products of high quality, fully compliant with international standards. Offered pine pellets in pellets En-plus A1 are suitable for the vast majority of solid fuel boilers of modern production (regardless of the country in which the equipment was made).


Advantages of pine wood pellets in A1 pellets


Pine wood pellets marked En-plus A1 are solid fuel of the highest quality, made especially for use in domestic heating boilers. Thus, these pellets in pellets:

have a high density and glossy surface without cracks;

are made under high pressure;

have minimum ash content;

When burnt, they produce the same amount of carbon dioxide as wood decomposes in its natural environment.

It can be said that, at the moment, the offered pine pellets in En-plus A1 pellets are the most environmentally friendly.


Quality En-plus pine pellets


Pine fuel pellets in En-plus granules are made of pine wood waste. Thus, no additional felling of trees is needed for the production of these raw materials for heating systems. By applying to us for pine pellets A1 you get:

high-quality products;

minimum prices;

Opportunity for profitable cooperation (large wholesale is available);

timely delivery of goods.

It is very easy to check the quality of the offered pine pellets. It is enough to conduct a visual inspection (good pellets will be dense and smooth) or pour a few pellets of water. A good quality product will turn into a completely homogeneous pulp after a while.

Also in the catalogue you can find fuel wood pellets in pellets of other types or made from other raw materials.

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