Waste shredders

22 kW
 Twin-shaft shredder EZ-20

Product code: EZ-20



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The EZ-20 shredder is a two-shaft rotary shredder with impressive torque and effective material grip..

78 kW
 Twin-shaft shredder EZ-40

Product code: EZ-40



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The EZ-40 shredder is a two-shaft rotary shredder with impressive torque and effective material grip..

7,5 kW
Impact shredder / crusher for plastic Grindex-7

Product code: Grindex-7



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Technomaszbud offers a wide range of GRINDEX horizontal shaft impact shredders, which are an ideal s..

22 kW
Single shaft shredder RJ-600

Product code: RJ-600



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The RJ-600 single shaft shredder has become a classic shredder for all types of waste and can be fou..

Waste shredders

Waste shredders are a reliable tool for efficiently processing a wide variety of materials. These devices are designed to break down and crush large amounts of waste, which contributes to both environmental protection and improved waste management.

Functions and applications:

Waste shredders are versatile tools that can handle different types of materials, including:

Waste paper (paper and cardboard): Shredders and shredders are ideal for destroying and disposing of waste waste paper, old cardboard and paper, which helps to preserve recycling.

Wood: Wood shredders help transform wood waste such as carpentry waste, planks, and pallets into useful wood chips that can be used as fuel or to make new wood products or fuel pellets.

Plastics: plastic shredders process different types of plastics such as PET bottles, packaging, plastic bags and more, making them easier to recycle and reducing the amount of plastic in the environment.

Rubber: the processing of used tires or other rubber products is possible with shredders, which can lead to the recovery of raw materials and reduce the problem of rubber waste.

Glass: Glass shredders can process used bottles and other glass waste into smaller pieces that can then be processed into new products or used in industry.

Textiles: textile waste, such as old clothes, can be shredded and converted into textile fibers or filler material.

Metal: metal shredders allow you to process used metal components, such as sheets, steel rods or worn structures, which allows you to recover valuable raw materials.

Advantages of using waste shredders:

Recycling: these devices support the recycling and recovery of raw materials from waste, which contributes to the sustainable management of Natural Resources.

Environmental Protection: shredders help reduce waste and reduce the burden on landfills, which has a positive impact on the environment.

Space saving: waste shredding reduces the volume of materials, which saves storage space.

All in all, waste shredders are key tools in waste management and recycling that contribute to environmental protection and resource efficiency. Due to their versatility and reliability, they are essential equipment in the commercial, industrial and domestic sectors.