SB-10 pallet shredder
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  • SB-10 pallet shredder

SB-10 pallet shredder

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The SB-10 pallet shredder from TechnoMaszBud is a powerful and easy-to-use device designed for crushing and recycling wooden pallets. Thanks to this equipment, the pallet shredding process is much faster and simpler. Ground wood can be turned into pellets, which increases its utility value.

Application and functionality:

Our pallet shredder is ideal for shredding wood, but it is also suitable for recycling waste paper, plastics and other materials. The device uses a screw breaking mechanism, which makes it extremely effective in processing large wooden products such as pallets, window frames and wood industry waste.

To create a wood pellet production line you will need:

DB-10 pallet shredder - for crushing large wooden materials into smaller pieces.

MB-500 hammer mill - for finer grinding.

Pellet line - a device for forming finely chopped wood into pellets.

The pallet shredder offers numerous benefits for various businesses:

Space saving: shredded pallets take up less space, allowing for more efficient storage.

Lower transport costs: reduced waste volume reduces transport costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Simplifying waste management: Shredded waste is easier to handle, store and process.

Saves time and labor: faster processing of large amounts of wood waste.

Optimal use of production space: the compact design of the shredder allows for installation in small spaces.

Integration with the technological line: possibility of easy integration with existing production lines.

Reliability and durability: high-quality materials and well-thought-out design ensure the durability of the device.

TechnoMaszBud pallet shredders are an investment in efficiency, economy and environmental benefits. They provide modern solutions for companies seeking to optimize their production and recycling processes.

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