Vegetable, fruit and nut processing lines

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LDW-830 vegetable washing line with inspection table

Product code: LDW-830


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LDW-830 Line equipped with an inspection table is a comprehensive system for automating the washin..

Vegetable, fruit and nut processing lines

In this category, we present automated lines for processing vegetables, fruits, and nuts. These machine systems streamline the preparation of products for further sale or processing. They offer a wide range of devices configured according to specific production needs, providing comprehensive solutions for various applications.

Main types of lines:

  • Washing and sorting lines - remove dirt, impurities, and damaged products. They utilize drum and brush washers, as well as roller and belt sorting tables;
  • Sorting and calibration lines - sort products by size or weight. They employ size, weight, and manual sorters;
  • Drying lines - play a crucial role in the food processing process by removing moisture from products. They utilize two main types of dryers: felt roller dryers (gently drying products on rotating drums covered with felt, ensuring even circulation of hot air) and air convection dryers (use air to remove moisture from products placed on perforated trays or grids);
  • Nut shelling lines - automated systems removing shells from walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, and pistachios. They encompass several stages working together: initial cleaning, calibration, shelling, separation, additional cleaning, and sorting;
  • Packaging lines - pack products into various types of packaging such as bags, boxes, nets, and sacks. They utilize machines for filling, sealing, welding, sewing, labeling, and palletizing.

Advantages of using lines:

  • Increased efficiency - automation of individual processes significantly increases production efficiency;
  • Improved quality - removing defective products and impurities ensures higher quality of end products;
  • Optimization of human resource utilization - enables higher productivity with fewer workers, resulting in cost savings and increased profits;
  • Cost reduction - waste and energy consumption reduction lowers production costs;
  • Comprehensive solutions - integrated lines combining all processes in one system are also available. Ideal for producers processing large quantities of products.

For more information and to configure a line for processing vegetables, fruits, and nuts with the appropriate parameters, please contact us:

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