Straw, hay chopper RDS-30

Straw, hay chopper RDS-30

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Main characteristics All specifications
Length: 436.0(mm)
Width: 350.0(mm)
Height: 840.0(mm)
Weight: 18.0(kg)
Usage: do rozdrabniania słomy, siana i podsuszonej zielonki z traw

The RDS-30 straw chopper is designed for chopping straw, hay and herbs for pets and other needs. Standard fraction of shredded raw material - 5 mm. A characteristic feature of the RDS-30 straw chopper is the ability to change the grid with other holes, which allows you to obtain ground hay, straw of various fractions.

Shredder capacity up to 50 kg / h. The ground hay and straw can be granulated. For granulating hay, straw and dried grass fodder, you can use a feed granulator, KGM-100, GMK-150, GMK-200, GMK-260 pellets.

The sequence of work with the straw chopper RDS-30:

  1. When using the grinder stationary, it must be attached to a static surface.
  2. Then connect the shredder to the 220/380 V network.
  3. Run the engine at idle speed.
  4. Place a bag or other container for the finished material.
  5. Insert the straw / hay through the opening from above. Push through the raw materials with a wooden beam, for example. In no case do not put your hands into the hole, the rotation speed of the knives is 3000 rpm. And this is how we obtain ground raw materials of a certain fraction, depending on the mesh fraction.
  6. After finishing work, thoroughly clean the shredder from the remains of hay / straw / herbs.

Key features
do rozdrabniania słomy, siana i podsuszonej zielonki z traw
Product type
Rozdrabniacz / Sieczkarnia
Type of drive
Production capacity
Do 50 kg/h
Engine power
1.1 kW
220V / 380V
Rotation speed
3000 obrotów / min
Additional features
12 month
The number of knives

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