GMK-260 pellet mill head / Working part of the GMK-260 pellet mill

GMK-260 pellet mill head / Working part of the GMK-260 pellet mill

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The working part of the GMK-260 with a moving matrix is a revolutionary tool that opens a new era in the production of feed granulate,

pellets made of straw/hay and other materials.

GMK-260 pellet mill head consists of a movable matrix with a total diameter of 259 mm. The matrix is carefully made of durable materials,

which ensures its durability and precision in the granulate forming process. Thanks to the moving matrix, the raw material is pressed into

uniform granules of optimal shape and size.

The working part of GMK-260 has fixed rollers that ensure smooth movement of the raw material through the matrix. 

The device has a production capacity of up to 300 kg of granules per hour. This allows the user to produce more granulate in a shorter time,

resulting in increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The recommended motor power of this head is 11 kW, which ensures reliable operation and sufficient power for efficient production. The

powerful motor allows the device to operate smoothly and stably, ensuring high efficiency and reliability.

The GMK-260 working part with a movable matrix is an irreplaceable tool for production companies that want to achieve excellent granulate

quality while increasing efficiency. 

Recommended electric motor: 11kW

Recommended matrix revolutions: approx. 250 rpm

No pulleys included in the standard set

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