Grain cleaning and sorting line CSZ-1

Grain cleaning and sorting line CSZ-1

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The seed calibration and shelling line is an integral part of the process of converting soybean and sunflower seeds into oil. In general, the calibration and hulling equipment has an important function as part of the oil mill process line, enabling the removal of abrasive contaminants from the seeds and hulls, which significantly increases the percentage of oil yield, extends the life of the oil press units and increases the percentage of protein in the cake.


This kit is an excellent solution to the problem of cleaning sunflower and soybean seeds from contaminants, calibrating and hulling them for further processing on the oil press to obtain high quality oil and cake.


Line components:

1. PE-6 m flexible (screw) conveyor with frequency converter;

2. grain calibrator KZ-500;

3. huller, sunflower seed peeler OS-500;

4. belt conveyor PT-500;

5. conveyor Calibrator PK-2;

6. closed extraction system SO-2;

7. Bag holders with mounting and height adjustment.


The 6m long PE-6 flexible (auger) conveyor with adjustable spiral speed via a frequency converter is an economical, reliable and convenient tool for loading raw materials into the KBS-500 calibrator from the raw material pile. To save driver time and truck downtime, we recommend storing raw material in bulk, from where it can be easily fed to the calibrator for further cleaning thanks to the flexible speed-adjustable auger. If the raw material is stored in a container and it is possible to feed it with a forklift, the flexible auger can be equipped with a tank with a capacity of 140 to 2,500 liters.


The KZ-500 grain calibrator is a simple and reliable device for cleaning the raw material from a large number of impurities that arise during the collection of seeds from the field, namely: stones, soil, sand, stalks, metal parts, dust, etc., and its subsequent high-quality screening. In addition, thanks to the most correct selection of screens on the calibrator, it is possible to calibrate larger seeds, which will be indicated for use as seed and then sold at higher prices than non-uniform seeds of smaller sizes.


The huller, sunflower seed peeler OS-500 hulls sunflower and soybean seeds for further separation into fractions, additional cleaning by means of a sieve under reciprocating oscillations and separation of the husk by generating air flow through a closed SO-2 extraction system.


The PT-500 belt conveyor with a length of 3 meters is the most convenient and economical solution for automated and continuous transport of raw materials after the calibrator to the hulling machine, since the design of the latter ensures filling of the material at a height of about 1.8 meters. In addition, the belt conveyor is additionally equipped with a special hopper to feed the raw material into the hopper of the huller and prevent the material from spilling around.


The closed SO-2 extraction system consists of a set of filter bags and collection bags. With a powerful fan and a corrugated pipe system, the extraction removes trash and chaff from the calibrator, thus reducing the dust content in the room through the filter bags. Once the bags are filled with trash and husks, we recommend additional granulation of the material to obtain not trash, but more profitable sunflower fuel pellets that can be sold at higher market prices.


Conveyor Calibrator PK-2 lifts and transports already cleaned and dehulled seeds to the next device of the production line. In a small industrial oil mill, such a device is the WT-150 oil press.


Height-mounted bag holders help to conveniently and quickly attach bags for collecting larger seeds and separately a large fraction of dirt (usually stalks of foreign crops).  

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