PRIME-200 pellet mill head / Working part of the PRIME-200 pellet mill

PRIME-200 pellet mill head / Working part of the PRIME-200 pellet mill

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The Prime-200 working part is a specialized device designed for the production of pellets from wood, biomass or other materials. This is an

element in which raw materials are compressed and processed into cylindrical granules of the same shape and size.

The 216 mm diameter matrix is precisely made of high-quality materials that ensure its durability and efficiency. 

The working part of Prime-200 has been designed to achieve a production capacity of up to 150 kg of pellets per hour. This means that the

device is capable of processing raw materials at a fast pace, which is important in the case of large-scale pellet production.

The product is universal, since it can be used to produce pellets not only from wood and biomass, but also from raw materials such as

sawdust, straw, grass, agricultural waste and many others.

The Prime-200 working part is ideal for pellet production companies that need an efficient and reliable device.

Recommended electric motor: 11kW

Recommended roller speed: 115-130 rpm

It is important to read the operating and safety instructions before starting pellet production. In case of any doubts or questions please

contact our specialists.

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