Granulation Line LDG-2000 (KOMBI)

Granulation Line LDG-2000 (KOMBI)

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Main characteristics All specifications
Length: 350.0(cm)
Width: 250.0(cm)
Height: 230.0(cm)
Weight: 750.0(kg)
The diameter of radial holes in the die: from 2 to 8 mm (optional)

LDG-2000 (KOMBI) is equipped with a pellet mill PRIME-200. You can read more about this granulator here.

In this new equipment we have combined auger of precise loading and mixer into one system of transporting the raw material with humidifier. This has resulted in achieving such indicators as high ergonomics, compactness and practicality. Combining two systems allowed to reduce electricity costs.

LDG-2000 is designed for the production of granulated feed and pellets. The equipment will easily process sawdust of hard and softwood trees, waste corn, straw, grass, hay, husks of seeds, waste plastics, compound feed with cereal composition.

The device consists of the following functional parts:


1. The hopper for uniform feeding of raw material from the auger feed and a humidification system.

2. Checked press pellet mills for animal feed/pellets PRIME-200 (the power of the engine 11 kW).

3. Cooling system and sorting (power 0.5 kW).

4. Closed extraction system "Cyclone" (power 1.5 kW).

5. Humidifying system

6. Control Panel

The system of "Cyclone" provides efficient and safe production. Dust in special dust bags can be used again in production.

High power and reliability of the equipment is ensured by the moving rollers installed in the PRIME-200.

The conveyor belt is not part of the set!

Cables to connect the line are not part of the set

Finished products that can be obtained using LDG-2000 (KOMBI):

1. Granules from vegetable waste (husk of sunflower seeds, buckwheat, other cultures), which is used in energy industries.

2. Fuel briquette for individual and commercial use.

3. Organic waste from farms is also used for the production of fuel pellets.

4. Granulated feed with a specific composition, which is absorbed in 90%.

5. Plastic pellets, which are then used in the production of pipes.

In this way, you can solve the problem of waste disposal and not only completely reduce costs, but also profit from it!

Technical specifications LDG-2000 (KOMBI)

LDG-2000 (KOMBI) equipped with PRIME-200 granulator with a capacity of up to 500 kg of product per hour. Engine power is 11 kw, powered from 380 volts

Dimensions: 450х250х280см, weight 850 kg.

This line can be used in a small room, which will additionally reduce the expenses for its purchase or renting a production hall. In addition, you can order spare parts for your equipment, for example a set of dies with holes for 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm. This gives the possibility of producing granules of various sizes. Our customers can order any part of the LDG-3000 mini production line (KOMBI)

Key features
The diameter of radial holes in the die
from 2 to 8 mm (optional)
For production of granular nutriment and pellets
Product type
Granulation line / Pellet Mill line
Type of drive
Production capacity
till 350.0(kg/h) - feed till 150.0(kg/h) - pellets
Engine power
Power consumption
13,74 (kW)
Rotation speed
1500 obrotów
The diameter of the die
Additional features
12 month
The number of rolls
The number of knives
Extended bunker

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