Granulation Line LDG-3000 (KOMBI) | 25 Kw

Granulation Line LDG-3000 (KOMBI) | 25 Kw

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Main characteristics All specifications
Length: 450.0(cm)
Width: 250.0(cm)
Height: 230.0(cm)
Weight: 1050.0(kg)
The diameter of radial holes in the die: from 2 to 8 mm (optional)

The possibility to test the pelting of your raw material on this line at our warehouse!

The LDG-3000 granulation line from TechnoMaszBud, based on the prime-300 pellet mill is designed for the production of pellets from 2 mm to 8 mm diameter from various types of raw materials, including sawdust, chips, dust and other waste of wood and sawdust. It is also used for making animal feed.

This line differs from the LDG-2000 model in that it has a more powerful pellet mill. The pelleting line can be used as an equipment for the production of pellet and granular feed, both at home and in business.

For your convenience we can help to choose a line to meet your requirements as well as to help you to install, start and achieve the desired result!

The line consists of:

1. Screw feeder PS-200:

This unit consumes 0.75 kW of electricity and has a smooth control of the feed rate using a frequency converter.

2. Hydration System:

The main components of the hydration system are: valve, pump, water tank for 200 liters, nozzle. The System is connected to a rack above the working part, allowing the required measured amount of moisture to be added during granulation. Power consumption 0,37 kW.

3. Reliable PRIME-300 Pellet Mill:

The PRIME-300 Granulator can easily handle different types of raw materials with a capacity of up to 300 kg / hour for sawdust pellets and up to 700 kg / hour for feed pellets. Also for different types of raw materials will be installed different engines, for feed - 30 kW, for pellet - 22 kW.

4. Calibrator-cooler for pellet / pellet KC-100:

This part serves as additional cooler for the product, as the pellets in turn heat up during pelting. This device will also remove dust and crumbs using a special drum. This node consumes 0.12 kW.

5. SO-315 closed extraction system:

This device, by means of a fan, ensures the circulation of the Air necessary to cool the pellets and collect calibrated scraps of raw material and dust in the container in the form of bags mounted on it. Power - 1.5 kW.

6. Control Panel:

The small dimensions and built-in automation cooling system make the control panel reliable and convenient to install near the production line. The Panel contains an amperometer and thermal protection for each engine in the line

The conveyor belt is not part of the set!

Cables to connect the line are not part of the set

LDG-3000 pellet production line is able to process different types of raw materials:

- wood waste - up to 300 kg / hour;

- straw - up to 250 kg / hour;

- feed - up to 700 kg / h;

- sunflower husk - up to 350 kg / hour;

and much more. The most important thing is to meet the requirement of the fraction and moisture level of the processed raw materials.

The granulation line can be used as a separate production unit, as well as equipped with additional equipment to make the production of pellet and granulated feed more automated.

The LDG-3000 granulation line can be equiped with such machines:

PK-2 (conveyor-calibrator) , the main task is to feed and calibrate raw materials;;

PT-250 (belt conveyor), the main task is to feed and cool the raw material;

PT-500 (belt conveyor), the main task is to feed and cool the raw material;

RD-500 (shredder), the main task is to Grind raw materials (straw, hay, chips and td) to the desired fraction;

KPS-400 (calibrator-feeder), the main task is to calibrate the raw material and distribute it evenly;

KC-200 (calibrator-extended cooler), the main task is to cool and calibrate finished pellets;

SA-400 (aerodynamic dryer with calibrator), the main task is calibration and drying of raw materials;

Types of lines

1. Line LDG-3000 KOMBI 25 kW 

2. LDG-3000 KOMBI Line + PT-500 Belt Conveyor with fans | Price - on request

3. LDG-3000 KOMBI line with a calibrator (Bunker equipped with a drum screen to filter bark, pieces of wood, branches, garbage) + PT-500 Belt Conveyor with fans | Price - on request

4. LDG-3000 KOMBI Line + PT-500 Belt Conveyor with fans + RD-500 shredder with a cyclone (table for free) | Price - on request

5. LDG-3000 KOMBI line + PT-500 belt conveyor with fans + RD-500 shredder with cyclone + PT-100 belt calibrator feeder | Price - on request

6. LDG-3000 KOMBI Line + PT-500 Belt Conveyor with fans + SA-400 Aerodynamic Sawdust Dryer | Price - on request

7. Line LDG-3000 KOMBI + Belt Conveyor PT-500 with fans + Aerodynamic Dryer for Sawdust SA-400 + Feeder-belt calibrator PT-100 | Price - on request

8. LDG-3000 KOMBI Line + PT-500 Belt Conveyor with fans + RD-500 shredder with a cyclone (free table) + PT-100 belt calibrator-feeder + SA-400 Aerodynamic Sawdust Dryer |Price - on request

Which raw material can pellets be made from?

- Sawdust hard and coniferous tree species

- Waste after cleaning sunflower, corn, grain,straw, branches, seed husk.

- Waste after plastic production

What raw material can you produce feed from?

- Grain, grain, buckshot, hay, compound feed.

- Wholesome food, optimally balanced granules

Finished products that can be obtained with the LDG - 3000 (KOMBI) :

1. Pellet from sawdust, shavings, scraps.

2. Biomass Pellet.

3. Organic waste from farms and farms is also used to make fuel pellets.

4. Full-bodied granules that are 90% absorbed.

5. Plastic pellets, which are then used in the manufacture of pipes.

This line can be used in a small room, which will further reduce the expense of buying or renting a production hall. In addition, we can order spare parts for equipment, for example a set of dies with 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm holes and 8mm.To it gives the ability to produce pellets of different sizes.


Length 350.0 (cm)

Width 250.0 (cm)

Height 230.0 (cm)

Weight 1050.0 (kg)

High power and reliability of the equipment is ensured by the mobile rollers installed in the prime-300 pellet machine.

    Key features
    The diameter of radial holes in the die
    from 2 to 8 mm (optional)
    For production of granular nutriment and pellets
    Product type
    Granulation line / Pellet Mill line
    Type of drive
    Production capacity
    till 700.0(kg/h) - feed till 300.0(kg/h) - pellets
    Engine power
    Power consumption
    Rotation speed
    1500 obrotów
    The diameter of the die
    Additional features
    Mixer motor power
    12 month
    The number of rolls
    The number of knives
    Extended bunker

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